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Boys Treasured Toys

25th June 2024
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Boys Treasured Toys 2023

Boys Treasured Toys started as an idea at the dinner table, and is now an annual fundraising event where  people come together to share the love of their beloved vehicles for a jolly day out! Very similar to the road runs, there is a pre-planned route that we take with various stops throughout the day.

We raise money for the Stars Appeal through donations for taking part.


We have now been running the Boys Toys Run for 6 years! This event is not advertised and has grown by word of mouth. This year we raised a staggering £7,600 for the Stars Appeal.  

Meeting at Wilton House by kind permission and invitation of Lord and Lady Pembroke with breakfast, route maps are handed out and vehicles set off to the lunch destination.  Participants bring a picnic lunch, after which we set off again for our tea and cake destination to end a most enjoyable day.

 Great friendships have been made, and the day is very much looked forward to by many.

Boys Treasured Toys
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